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Happy Burger

Stay awhile. Rape someone. Go insane. We're all friends here.

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Because everyone in Silent Hill goes to Happy Burger eventually.
For all your silly Silent Hill RP needs.

Rules and Guidelines:

This is for silly RPing only. Want to see Pyramid Head and Harry share a burger meal? Want to see Eddie workin the grill? Want to just be ridiculous in the name of Silent Hill, the UFO endings, the Princess Heart outfit, and little dogs with headphones? Then this is the place for you. For everyone who likes poking fun at the scariest games around.

You don't necessarily have to be a Silent Hill character to have fun here. You can ask SH characters questions, interact with them, or just order something from Pyramid Head (the chef). You don't need to set up a separate journal or anything to RP here as long as you have an icon or some way of indicatinf who you are.
Check the list and see who seems to be here, and choose a character you think is under-represented. Roleplay as ya feel like.

Most importantly, have fun.